What is Medi-Cupping?

Medi-Cupping®, also known as Medical Massage Cupping and Vacuum Therapy, is relatively new to the massage therapy world.  While its exact origins are unknown, thousands of years ago Chinese Medicine incorporated cupping with the use of fire to create a vacuum in glass cups, which were  then applied to the body to divert blood during surgery and move stagnant “Chi” (a.k.a. energy or life-force).  Cupping has also been linked to ancient Ayurveda in India and the early Egyptian civilizations.

The fire cupping process has been simplified by using a manual or electric pump to create the vacuum in plastic or glass cups.  The massage cups are applied to different areas of the body to increase circulation, release restrictions and scars, soften fascia and connective tissue, move inflammation and increase lymphatic flow.  One of the greatest features of Medi-Cupping is its non-invasive nature by way of decompression.  Most massage techniques are intrusive, meaning they enter your body’s space through compression into your tissue.  Since Vacuum Therapy uses decompression to lift and separate your tissue, it is often painless, while gaining the same results as traditional massage techniques.  Very restricted or inflamed areas of the body will sometimes pinch a little at first, but as the tissue softens, most discomfort will diminish. 

In addition to offering treatment of pain and injury, Medi-Cupping has proven effective preparing the body for surgery and speeding up post-surgical recovery (after release from your doctor).