About Flowing Vitality Essential Oil Treatment

Show your body how much you appreciate and support it by indulging yourself with a delicious submersion into relaxation, plus gain the added benefits of nature’s medicine.  The Flowing Vitality Essential Oil Treatment is much more than a luxurious experience.  It’s a way to nourish and support your body at the core through gentle application of high-quality therapeutic-grade essential oils.

This treatment is adapted from the Young Living “Raindrop Technique” and DoTerra “AromaTouch Technique” treatments.  Having experienced and witnessed the benefit and efficacy of both treatments, and the oils used in them, Megan borrowed from both and added a few skills of her own to create this wonderful treatment.

During this 60-75 minute treatment, a selection of diluted essential oils will be applied to the feet, back and sometimes the hands of the recipient.  The massage strokes used are gentle and relaxing; and intended to create a calming experience as the oils are dispersed on the skin.  Medi-Cupping® is used along the spine and back to prepare the tissue to better receive the essential oils.  We have found this additional step enhances the absorption of the oils into the body.

A combination of Basil, Black Pepper, Copaiba, Cypress, Grapefruit, Lavender, Lemongrass, Marjoram, Orange, Oregano, Peppermint, Tea Tree, Thyme and Wintergreen essential oils plus a few blends are used during this treatment.    Many of the oils used have strong antiviral, antibacterial and antioxidant benefits that support a healthy immune system.  Some of the oils have strong anti-inflammatory benefits; some support increased circulatory function; some soothe muscle tension; some calm and tone nerve tissue and some ease pain and calm anxiety. Overall, the effect of the oils used support your body (and mind) in finding improved function, more balance and greater well-being.

To support the Flowing Vitality treatment, Megan incorporates a blend of Craniosacral Therapy, gentle stretching and lymphatic work.  These steps support your body integrating the effects of the essential oils and maximize the benefits of the whole treatment.

Give this wonderful and relaxing treatment a try and see how your body responds!

Important Notes:

For optimum benefit, please plan your treatment for a time of day that will allow the oils to do their work for at least 6 hours before the next time you bathe.

The use of most essential oils is discouraged if you are trying to get pregnant, during pregnancy and while breast-feeding.  Therefore, this treatment would not be appropriate under these circumstances.

Also, if you have been diagnosed with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), please inform the therapist before scheduling this treatment.  While the use of some essential oils has been reported to be very helpful for many people living with PTSD, this treatment may need to be modified, or simply may not be suitable for you.