About Downeast Massage Therapy

Arthur and Megan Lindemanis relocated from upstate NY to Downeast Maine in 2012.  Having practiced as licensed massage therapists individually in the past, they shared a dream of creating a wellness and healing center offering a variety of services to support well-being in their community.  That dream came to fruition as Downeast Massage Therapy. 

About Megan

Picture of Megan Williams LindemanisMegan (pronounced Meegan) has been a licensed massage therapist since 2001.  She has a deep love of learning, and continually seeks new bodywork skills to enhance her practice and better serve her clients.  No two people meet twice in the same space and time; therefore, each session is unique and guided by the client’s specific needs on any given day. 

Megan blends her experience with Swedish, Deep Tissue, Fascial Release, Sports Massage, Trigger Point Therapy, Reiki and Medi-Cupping to create a customized treatment for each client.  She strongly believes that the body wants to heal and function to the best of its ability, and her job is to help remove obstacles when possible and support the "inner physician".  Therefore, she uses her intuition and aims to “listen” to the body’s guidance and apply her extensive training to facilitate and support the healing process.

For over two years now, Megan has been practicing Craniosacral Therapy (CST), which is an excellent choice for you if you enjoy gentle, relaxing bodywork. CST is known to enhance and strengthen the body's ability to heal itself and maintain wellness. 

Megan is also a recent graduate of the Bold Coast Yoga School yoga teacher training (RYT-200) in 2017.  She brings her love and appreciation of the human body into her movement classes, which focus on interoception, safety and alignment .  Her goal is to support students having appreciation, fun and deeper respect as they explore their bodies through movement, mindfulness and breath.

About Art

Picture of Arthur LindemanisArt Lindemanis has been a licensed, and Nationally Certified, massage therapist since 1998. His primary massage therapy training has accumulated 1700 hours of education on land and in the water studying Watsu®. In addition, Art was also on the teaching staff at New Mexico Academy of Healing Arts for three years, joyfully helping students discover and refine their talents for professional and caring touch. Currently, Art is using a blend of techniques including Sports Massage, Deep Tissue, Accupressure, Cranial-Sacral and Reiki to meet the needs of his patients. While no two Artful Touch Massages are exactly the same, they can be characterized as deep and restful, sensitive and graceful. His intention during a therapy session is to be fully present, using the hands, the mind and the heart to encourage a sense of well-being and peace for all his clients.